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Facts about V-shield self-disinfecting coating

With the spread of COVID-19, general public starts to notice about the self-disinfecting coating after the news reported that HDB lifts are sprayed with such coating to prevent the spread of the disease and its effectiveness can last 90 days. All of sudden, the demand for such self-disinfecting coating skyrocketed.

Hereby, we'd like to share more about the facts of our V-shield self-disinfecting coating in the form of Q&A with general public and hopefully we can help people understand about such coating better.


Where can I apply this self-disinfecting coating?


Generally you can apply such coating in most of the surfaces and it's definitely recommendable to apply this self-disinfecting coating on surfaces that you frequently touch such as mobile phone, laptop, door handle, etc.


Can I apply the coating by myself and how to apply?


For personal use, you can apply the coating by yourself with following steps:

Step 1. Wipe the surface clean before applying the coating

Step 2. Shake the bottle of the self-disinfecting coating for about 20-30 seconds

Step 3. Spray the coating on the surface and let it dry

For commercial space and large area, our specialist would provide the disinfecting service to spray the coating on the required surface.


How long can the self-disinfecting effect last?


Generally for low traffic surfaces, the self-disinfecting effect can last up to 90 days, however for high traffic surfaces such as door handle, lift button, the coating is likely to deteriorate faster and it's recommended to spray the coating every 1-2 weeks for high traffic surfaces.


Is V-shield self-disinfecting coating safe to use?


V-shield is alcohol free, non toxic and ph balanced and it's been used by a wide range of customers.

Its ingredients include resonance quantum energy, nano silver and TiO2 which are not harmful for human.

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