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Honoured to partner with Roceso Technologies to market Viely medical compression stockings

In June 2020, TOPMED is honoured to partner with Roceso Technologies to market Viely, the 1st Singapore local medical compression stocking brand in Singapore market.

Our principal supplier Roceso Technologies is a Singapore based medtech start-up company originated from NUS with focus on its soft robotics glove that helps stroke patients to recover hand functions. Earlier this year, Roceso Technologies developed Viely medical compression stockings and TOPMED is honoured to be the distribution partner to market Viely medical compression stocking in Singapore market.

Since the launch of Viely medical compression stockings, we've received amazing support from nurses and patients with vein diseases.

Viely medical compression stocking comes with 3 stocking length and 3 compression class for people with different needs for compression therapy.

Feel free to drop us a message through website or WhatsApp at +6581825540 if interested to find out more about Viely medical compression stockings.

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